Reds are a species, similar to demons. They have a very conservative society, that is definetly male dominated. All women are owned by the man of the house, whether that's their father, brother or husband. Marriages are arranged for girls when they hit puberty.

All females are required to wear makeup that consists of a white base, red lips, painted on eyebrows, and red circles on the cheeks. You might want to think Queen Amadalla from Star Wars! While all Reds have tails when they are born, respectable families crop off the tails of female babies.

The Red's tail is a very important part to the reproductive system. Not only does it help the labido it raises fertility. The Reds remove female's tails to take away their sexuality. They are very prude when it comes to sex. Lights out, missionary style, after dark, they try not to enjoy it.

Of course this leaves the guys a little high and dry, they need to retain their dignity. So, most Red men have a mistress, the more they have, obviously the more money they have to support them. Females who come from poor family and haven't had their tails cropped are mistresses. Mistresses have much more rights than the respectible wife. They are allowed to know how to read, write, speak almost freely, and don't need to wear make up. The man of the house is free to visit his mistress's room whenever he wants during the day.

It is vital that the first child of a Red couple is male, therefore if the first born child is female, it is killed so that the next may be male and the eldest. After the eldest child is male, it is fine to keep females. Little boys and girls are raised seperately. Most boys go to a military school of some sort.

Reds get their name from the fact that all Reds have red hair, suprise suprise!


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